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Bathtub Refinishing
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Bathtub Refinishing

About Bathtub Refinishing. The bathtub refinishing process works wonders on all types of tub and tile surfaces. The new surface not only hides imperfections on smooth surfaces like bathtubs, sinks, and countertops, but also seals grout and caulk. If you have experienced the frustration of cleaning or replacing moldy caulk and grout only to have the mold return in a few years or even months, you will find a bathtub refinisher to be your savior! Not only is unpleasant mold and mildew hidden from view, but prevented from growing back.

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A Time Proven Trade

Bathtub Refinishing Has Stood the Test of Time. Most bathtub refinishers offer a five year warranty, and most bathtub refinishers report a low volume of “warranty calls”. A refinished bathtub or other fixture does require some special care and maintenance, though original fixtures will maintain their lustre longer by applying the same tenets:
  • Avoid using cleansers and harsh abrasives
  • Keep bleaches and other harsh, corrosive chemicals away from your fixtures
  • Wash your fixtures weekly or every several days while it is still a matter of “Spray-N-Wipe”, before grime and soap scum have had a chance to build up and harden

With proper care and maintenance, many refinishing projects hold up for ten or fifteen years! Your professional bathtub refinisher will be happy to provide you with a written warranty that will advise you of proper care of your newly refinished bathroom or kitchen fixtures.

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Numerous Refinishing Options

Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Materials are Versatile and Durable. The bathtub refinishing process and materials can be used on numerous surfaces including cast iron, porcelain, marble, fiberglass, and even wooden cabinets! Samples of varied applications and the stellar results can be seen on the websites of many bathtub refinishers.

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A Multi Faceted Discipline

Most Bathtub Refinishers Offer Numerous Services. Occasionally, bathtub refinishers are presented with full restoration projects as involved as the one represented in the animation at the top of our pages. Sometimes it is only a color change. A bathtub refinisher may also be faced with badly dented, cracked, or deteriorating fiberglass. Many bathtub refinishers also restore and resell vintage fixtures, install adaptive/accessibility modifications for the handicapped and elderly, repair glass doors and windows, and some are also automotive refinishers!

Designed for Savings

The Common Denominator Is Economy. Bathtub refinishers are not only proud craftsmen, but consumer friendly service professionals whose services are geared toward repair and restoration as opposed to the expense and inconvenience of full replacement. For less than the cost of one single clawfoot bathtub (i.e.: starting at $1,500.00 USD) without installation and delivery, an existing tub and surround in a typical 10' x 6' bathroom can be refinished, and usually ready to start enjoying within 24 to 48 hours.

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